Sailing Ice Boats

Sailing is generally thought of as a warm-weather sport, or is it? In the case of sailing ice boats, warm weather is not what the ice boat Captain would order!

Did you realize that ice boating began as early as the 1600's? That may come as a surprise to you as it did for me, but can you imagine the surprise to one from that era if they had the chance to see the ice boaters now - as they race across the ice at top speeds?

With speeds over 60mph zipping across frozen waters, it's enough to blow your socks sails off! An interesting sport indeed, and one for sailors with cabin fever to consider, as they wait for the warmer months to launch their sails for blue waters.

Wait no more sailors! Set sail on over to this ice boating story to find out how exciting ice boating can be! It sounds like a truly exhilarating experience to satisfy the need for speed.

For extreme sports junkies -- yes ice boating is perfect for those of you who are brave souls with an addiction for an adrenaline rush! If that is you, before you dare to bare your soul to ice boating, I suggest you study the hard cold facts (pun intended) surrounding the ice boating sport. Brr -- that ice and wind is cold! Hot chocolate anyone?