Sea Kayaking for Sailors

Every sailor loves another opportunity for seafaring adventures, but it doesn't always have to involve a ship or boat with sails. Sea kayaking is a popular sport in the ever-vast waters of the Puget Sound, which is very close to my home.

Kayaks also make a great source of transportation to reach your buoyed sailboat, or to take you to remote areas in lakes or seas that your sailing vessel may not be able to reach. When selecting your kayak, be sure to choose a style that is a good match to the type of kayaking you will be enjoying.

There are several basic types to choose from: Inflatable or rigid construction. If one were asked what type they would prefer you would probably get a variety of answers, and for a variety of reasons, but for me I would prefer a rigid type of kayak. I was surprised to learn that the rigid molded type of kayaks have only been around since 1984.

There are numerous types of rigid style kayaks. Jackson kayaks is a great resource to consider when selecting a kayak for extreme sports, pleasure, and even for choosing a kayak for your little sailors! They had every kayak addict in mind when they designed their boats. In 2007 they redesigned many of their kayaks, making them more stable, quicker, and easier to use. Their "Jackson Star" model shown below, is designed for those who crave kayak wave-surfing!

The Jackson Kayaks come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and price ranges to choose from, providing every type of kayak-lover an ultimate choice without sacrificing safety. In fact, when it comes to choosing one for your kids it may be of interest to you to learn that several of their models for children were designed for Eric Jackson's own children to learn in, so you can be assured they are constructed with safety in mind!

The sooner you get your children comfortable around the water, the more likely they'll become little sailors just like their dad. Kayaking is a great way to boost your little sailors confidence out on the water, and in a very safe manner.