Antique Clipper Ship Model Nautical Shadowbox

Antique clipper ship models, and nautical items make great gifts, and bring a nostalgic look to any decor. I love nautical treasures, and every once in a while you find some very unique clipper ship decorative items to enjoy. This nautical shadowbox is a wonderful example of a difficult to find nautical treasure!

The clipper ship shadowbox is very interesting, and in that the clipper ship is encased within a shadowbox, you wouldn't have to worry about dusting the clipper ship model!

It's a fine treasure indeed, and one that I wish I could own. The images of the clipper ship shadowbox have been used by permission of Mastadon Trading from his eBay listing, and I thank him for allowing me to share this unique item with you! (Update RE: 'Mastadon Trading' - the link I originally provided to the sellers store is no longer an active store, so I removed the link).

The shadowbox measures 20" x 15" x 3".

This 19th century antique clipper ship model would be a difficult item to find again! It's not uncommon to see clipper ships in a bottle, but you don't see them very often displayed within a shadowbox.

Safely displayed from within a shadowbox is really a good way to preserve a clipper ship model, and the sails would remain in pristine condition. It also provided an interesting background for the model, rather than having it simply sitting on a stand. It makes it all the more realistic displayed like this.

I imagine you've enjoyed this sailing treasure, and for now must sail off to another project for the day! Happy sailing!