Gainey Swept from Barque Picton Castle Deck

On December 8, 2006 Laura Gainey was sailing on board the Barque Picton Castle.

As the ship rode the rough waves in the storm near Cape Cod, Laura was not tethered to the ship, nor was she wearing a life jacket. Tragedy struck when she was swept off deck from a rogue wave!

Only moments before she was swept off by the wave, she was ordered to go below deck, but she never had the chance to comply as the wave took her to sea.

Sadly, Laura's life was lost at sea as they were unable to find her. Years later her story is in the news again, February 2010 - as her father Bob Gainey resigned from his position with the Montreal Canadians hockey team.

As some have reported, the loss of Laura's life could have potentially been prevented if she had she been tethered to the ship, or at least wearing a life jacket.

I guess the best lesson here is that we should never underestimate the power of the high seas, as any of us can be caught unprepared. Even so with the right preparations and precautions the worst can occur.