Tall Sailing Bed and Breakfast Clipper Ship

When it comes to going out of town I have to say that bed and breakfasts are my favorite for accommodations, and especially if they serve up a delicious breakfast! One of my fascinations with clipper ships is because they are a romantic type of structure with tons of character.

With that being said, I couldn't resist sharing what I found this morning. Traverse Tall Ship Company has a floating bed and breakfast on Traverse Bay located on the Great Lakes. Now this is the ultimate trip for your kids! Fun and rustic, you couldn't possibly go wrong with this tall sailing adventure.

Although bunk beds might not be the ultimate accommodations for adults, if you have kids this would be an absolute top rated fun adventure for them. You can however also sleep out on the deck under the stars if you take your sleeping bags - just don't plan on doing any sleepwalking!

For a bed and breakfast it certainly is reasonably priced, so you couldn't possibly go wrong with planning a fun vacation on the floating bed and breakfast. If a floating bed and breakfast may not be your cup of tea, then you may wish to charter one of their tall sailing ships. At 114 feet in length, the Manitou is one of the largest sailing ships In Traverse Bay.

Arrr - it's time to set sail for now. We'll see you when you visit us here again at Tall Sails Adventure!